About Us

Jordanian Techniques for Detergents & Bio Chemicals - JTB

JTB was established years back and was specialized in providing the local market with fine detergent-chemicals and sanitizers that have excellent reputation. Those chemicals meet the international standards. Those chemical items are all food graded, biodegradable and environment friendly. As JTB is not a manufacturer by itself, we, JTB, are exclusive local distributors for:

Kingsway Technology Inc. (Taiwan)

RMC - Rochester Midland Cooperation (USA); since 1888

Faber Hoist Chemicals – UK (England); since 1887

Scent Pur Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd.

We are also distributors for:

Our food grade CLEANERS & SANITISERS are effective against wide spectrum of Bacteria, Molds & Viruses that cause food poisoning and contamination,
Economic environmentally preferable CLEANERS.